New RTEU-course structure in 2020

quadro station

Thanks to your helpful feedback we decided to split and expand our course into two parts: basic + advanced. The basic course is more focused on presence/absence logging and the advanced one on localization. The basic course takes two and a half days, the advanced one two days. The box building sessions are in the evening. For a more detailed schedule please have a look at the announcement of the courses.

Please remember – it is an open source project, so those courses also fund the project, so it can stay open source.

Friday afternoon we start the basic course which lasts till Sunday evening. The advanced course starts on Monday morning it ends on Tuesday afternoon. For exact dates pleas visit the upcoming courses page:

Friday         Saturday        Sunday          Monday          Tuesday
15:00          9:00            9:00            9:00            9:00
Basic          Basic           Basic           Avanced         Advanced
17:30          17:00           17:00           17:00           17:00
Box-Building   Box-Building    Box-Building    Box-Building    Box-Building
19:00          18:00           18:00           18:00           18:00

Basic course content (550 € excl. VAT)

  • Radio waves, transmitters and receivers
  • Basic setup steps
  • Hardware options
  • Logger handling
  • Analysis tool
  • Project planning for presence/absence studies
  • Practical field session

Snacks, Drinks and Lunches (except on Friday) are included.

Advanced course content (550 € excl. VAT)

  • Bi- / Triangulation method
  • Hardware setup
  • Software setup
  • Interpretation of results
  • Project planning for localization studies
  • Practical field session

Snacks, Drinks and Lunches are included.

Box building session (100 € excl. VAT)

  • Single Logger Set: 150 € (excl. VAT)
  • Quadro Logger Set: 300 € (excl. VAT)

We have several options on-site available like:

  • Hotspot (50 € excl. VAT) for
    • Automatic time update
    • Remote access
  • 12 V option
  • Solar charger

Special offers – Discounts

  • If the basic and advanced course are booked together – the box building session is for free.
  • Early bird:
    • If one course is booked: one hotspot for free
    • If both are booked: one single logger set for free

Please don't hesitate to contact us – you will find more details in the announcements of the courses.