Dipl.-Phys. Ralf Zeidler

  • Functions: Coordinator, Public Relations, Software Developer
  • Further Details: CV on XING or LindedIn
  • EMail: Ralf Zeidler

B.Sc. Philipp Mallot

Dog Mailo


  • Functions: Bat Search Dog, Assistance in wildlife conservation, keeping me distracted

B.Eng. Markus Wallschlag

  • Functions: Ham Radio Coordinator, Digital Signal Processing Engineering, Hardware Developer
  • Further Details: DKOFR


There are so many people contributing directly and indirectly to this project, it is difficult to track it. First of course I want to thank all the other amazing Open Source Projects for their work and passion.

Also special thanks go to:

Hendrik Reers – it was his idea and he got me started.

Hans-Joachim Vogel for assisting me with electro-technical knowledge and equipment.

René Janssen for the good ideas and the support for the list of the similar projects.